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Happy first day of Spring, all! To celebrate the beginning of this beautiful, new season, I put together a quick list of tips to help you spring into Spring with a joyous spirit and positive attitude. Enjoy, and feel free to add your own into the mix to get this season started off right!

  1. Be grateful. Counting your blessings is a sure-fire way to adjust your attitude. When we experience feelings of gratitude and appreciation, this automatically adds abundance to our lives, allowing us to feel more satisfied, thankful, and joyful. This in turn, will continue to attract more of the same positive emotions into our lives.
  2. Talk to yourself positively. Recite affirmations or give yourself pep-talks daily. Affirmations are positive thoughts or statements that shift your focus to what you wish to achieve, such as happiness, love, or success. These short and powerful declarations will help you to affirm constructive and uplifting thoughts that will add to your overall well-being and happiness alike. Example: “I am in control of my attitude and choose to be positive.”
  3. Set goals with deadlines. If you do not have one goal right now, go set one. Setting and accomplishing goals can add pleasure, excitement, and fulfillment to your life. By regularly setting and carrying out new aspirations, you will undoubtedly grow as a person, will receive the confidence that is needed to further succeed, and will acquire the belief that you live a worthwhile and rewarding life. As I like to say, a life without goals is a life without meaning.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people. When you think about the type of attitude you currently possess compared to the type of attitude you are striving to create, make sure that you take notice in the people you are surrounded with on a daily basis. Have you ever heard of the saying, “you become who you’re around”? If you’re hanging out with sour apples, don’t be surprised if you start to sing along to their sorrowful tune. Make an effort to spend time with positive and encouraging individuals who inspire you to be and do better.
  5. Practice random kindness. Random acts of kindness are when one attempts to lift the spirit of another by doing something thoughtful, caring, or considerate for them. Help an old lady across the street, carry your neighbors groceries, help your brother with his algebra homework, or tell someone they look beautiful. While your thoughtful acts serve as gifts to others, they are not completely selfless. Sharing your kind heart to help cheer up another simultaneously creates happy feelings inside of yourself.

I wish you well as you spring into Spring, and may you all make this new season one to remember.

Happy Spring,

Jordan Brown

For more motivation, please visit my blog or follow me on Twitter.

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