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Bad moods. We’ve all been in ‘em. We’ve all experienced negative emotions. We’ve all felt downright blue. Even the happiest of people fall into funks every now and then, and no one is exempt from feeling a variety of different emotions. While I try to maintain a positive, peaceful state of mind, now and then I will feel find myself feeling negative, discouraged, or just completely stressed out. Instead of accepting bad moods for what they are (normal emotions that come and go throughout our days), I used to over-analyze my bad moods and dwell on them. I’d think, ”Why am I feeling this way?” or “If I’m feeling this way, there must be something wrong with my life!” or “WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?”, but I recently realized that this was doing me absolutely no good. Dwelling over my negative feelings was just creating more of them, causing me to be more stressed out and less happy in the long run.

Lately, I’ve discovered a remedy that has helped me deal more effectively when negative emotions inevitably knock on my door. When I’m in a bad mood, I don’t examine it or try to escape it; I just sit with it and understand that it’s a natural part of this sweet-and-sour thing we call life. I just smile and remind myself that with time and when it’s ready, my bad mood will slowly fade away. It also helps to recite my favorite proverb, “This too shall pass.” Somehow, doing this always works, and I can continue on with my day, with a greater sense inner-peace and compassion towards myself.

The next time you’re feeling blue, don’t get caught up in fighting your negative feelings. While it is important to stay positive, recite affirmations, and to not regularly partake in negative thinking, it’s almost important to understand that no one is 100% happy every second of every day. That wouldn’t be fun, would it? To appreciate the sunshine, you’ve got to feel the rain every now and then. Understand that bad moods are temporary, not permanent, and that like everything else in the world, they will pass. It’s okay to at times feel anxious, worried, afraid, angry, sad, confused, etc. In fact, it’s normal. While we are all striving to be happy and live fulfilled lives, we need to be open and accepting of all emotions, not just that of perfect contentment. Remember, we’re humans, not superheroes.

This weekend, I hope that we can all stop being so hard on ourselves and embrace all emotions, not just the positive ones. Like Richard Carlson, Ph.D. and self-help author, states, “Be grateful when you’re feeling good, and be graceful when you’re feeling bad.”

Happy being grateful and graceful,

Jordan Brown

For more motivation, please visit my blog.

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