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Fallen flowers cannot climb don't think about past...just love the present and live the future with a beatifiul thought to lovely smile on your face.....

If people criticise you, hurt u/shout at u.....
Don't be bothered....just remember
In every game "Audience make noise....but not the players....

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Thank you that makes so much sense, the past is sometimes like a ball & chain that drags us down
thanks...Yeah it's rite

this is a big talking & i love it but put some things in between after the word climb back  by saying "unless the hands of God interference" ...

Ooo.. u r great!

yes, it's important to not take things personally.  people are just doing the best they can with what they know...

thats right were all humans at the end of it....trying to do right!!!

Concerning failure, we should always remember: There is no shame in failure, only in failing to try...

right on Doug.  the people with the most success are usually the people with the most failures too.  just learn from your mistakes and keep taking action...

move something right or wrong just move in a forward direction.......there are scars but at some point in the future you just hope you can look at them and see where you have come....  failure is like a loss...go through the grief process and take with it the lesson but just keep walking.....

If  you  never Failed..You  never tried..

nice.. you are motivating me for make my dreams come true, thanks.

Fallen flowers cannot climb back, I love that


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