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I'm curious to hear what you have done and what you found most rewarding.  


I have coached sports, which I really enjoy.  Also, I am a "big" with Big Brothers Big Sisters, which has been quite rewarding.  I actually think it would be fun to take my "little" to go volunteer somewhere too...

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Cool man! I've heard the Big Brothers Big Sisters is a very rewarding experience. How has it impacted you? What have you learned?


Currently, I'm a mentor/friend (kind of like a Big Brother) to a co-worker's son who's 17yrs of age and struggling with school and his social network. It's been a really rewarding though and I enjoy helping him come up with ideas and strategies with obtaining goals.

That's great that you've found someone to mentor Justin, good for you.  They say if you really want to understand something, teach it.  I think it's true.  


I've enjoyed being a "big" and have had a lot of fun.  My little is now 11 and was 6 when we started.  It's really mostly just hanging out and having fun, and trying to set a good example.  It's really been fun, a chance to act like a kid.  I'm sure as he gets older the mentoring may get a little more advanced.  I'm glad you wrote today, you reminded me his birthday is tomorrow!   Have a good one Justin,


Dan O'

Haha, glad I could help with the reminder :.

I agree, teaching and experience are great ways to learn.

Sounds like being a big brother is a very rewarding experience, as well as, an opportunity to have fun & being a role model at the same time.

It's fun to feel like a kid again sometimes too!

I have been a girl scout leader for the past 6 years. It has been fun to watch the girls grow and mature. We have a Big Brother Big Sister program in my area, maybe someday that may be something I may pursue. Sounds very rewarding!!! ; )
Hey Dan,
Well tx again for a lovely platform which seems to be brimming with positive like minded souls yet so uniquely different as god made to be.....! I do love to share knowledge as I believe unshared knowledge and learning is just wasted learning. I am a dance instructor but every weekend I enjoy volunteering free fitness lessons from my home to anyone who is keen to start but is clueless as to how !Have been doing so for a good many years now, have met some interesting people along the way!
Its magical how much one can create out of ourselves if we only try!!!! That is another way for me to have lived in every moment of life !
I have volunteered at a hospice... And have been totally amazed at people's strength, courage and wisdom at the end stage of their lives!!! An absolute blessing to have been a little part of their amazing journey :)))

Over 10 years ago I volunteered with cats at a no-kill shelter.  They were FIV and FeLV (Aids and Leukemia), and it was very rewarding.  No one except the staff would go near them, but they didn't understand people can't get these diseases from them.  It was sad.  But I did my best to keep them company, play with them, etc. 


The shelter is now closed, how I miss my babies.


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