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Share a tip or ten :)  Keep it brief, add a link if helpful.  Can be a very small detail or something profound.


I'll start:

Tip 1:  Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.  You'll have more energy and flush toxins, etc.

Tip 2:  If you're feeling down, use some music to make you feel better.  Best music site ever = , I'm on there as "twizzler3b"

Tip 3:  If you're feeling blue, make sure you are getting enough vitamin D.  I live in a place with lots of gray, rainy days, so it's important for me to take vitamin D.  A deficiency is one of the most common contributors to feeling down/depressed.

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i  like this

good tips. trying to do that at the mo after having a nervous breakdown. contibuting factor spending time with toxic people, kept doing that because they were family, so i should just keep on doing
it. not worth it in the end. x

Thanks for lovely qoute Amanda Ball so inspiring

Keep going. To expand on that, I've always said, "Always move forward, but if you can't move forward, at least move side to side. Don't ever go backwards."


And here's a little Asian wisdom, "A moment of patience can avert a great disaster. A moment of impatience can ruin a whole life." and, "That they birds of care and worry fly above your head, this you cannot change. That they build nests in your hair, this you can prevent."

Absolutely correct.....

Always leave in plenty of time! Running late is stressful and quite frankly inconciderate.

good one Toni, something I need to work on, i often cut it too close, and you're right it's stressful (because i know it's inconsiderate if i'm late)

my heart races when I know I'm running much better to have a few minutes to take a deep breath before an appointment. I need to work on it too!

Absolutely Toni, doing so is definately less irritating, and for obvious reasons leaves us with the time to realise that things aren't always so serious...

I am disabled, however, I don't care how my legs might feel as long as I have a Happy mind, Happy Heart a Smile on my face and feel everything is good in my life. No amount of pain, will stop me from being a Positive and Happy Person, if I stick to this, each and every day.

2: Waking up every morning is a great thing.

3: Composing and listening to

insperational music, that always lifts me up.

Right on Jo. I'm a songwriter myself (admittedly kinda different from composing), and writing an inspirational song is such a joy. Even if only a couple people ever hear it, the creative positive energy is powerful and it's projection will reach much farther than the actual piece... I always try to remember that whenever I feel unnoticed...

Thanks Doug, yes I admit I love composing. I work a lot on how key signatures can en-hance your life. I am just working on a piece that is in Gflat, great chords. It fills me up with a wonderful feeling, when I get it right. I also think that the music doesn't come from me, it is all around. Music and colour are my favourite things. What instrument do you play?


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