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Recently I got in contact with the father of my children. We were high school sweethearts,but he married someone else, is now divorced like me.Just met our kids and claims to love me again. I know I still care also. Should I take a chance on him? He does have God in his life also.

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This is just my opinion but pray about it. God doesn't give us more than we can handle and there are no such things as coincidence. I wouldn't say JUMP in to the pool both feet at the same time but test the waters. Be careful good luck and God bless... PMA Jason

Wow I would strongly talk to your children and include them and give it a go good luck . GOD is into second chances .
Hi, I see you got a lot of positive feedback, and I'm happy you found your high school sweetheart!! But you never mentioned how old your children were, our how they feel about just now meeting their father??

I would tread very cautiously if you decide to bring him back into your life. There was a reason you didn't stay together. The positive side to time is that we all have the opportunity to grow and become who we truly were/are meant to be. Only you can know if you should take the chance. Listen to your inner gut. Trust what you hear. Don't trust what you WANT to hear because if you listen to this side you are setting yourself up for failure. 

I have a book that I purchased a few years ago called: Intellectual Foreplay: Questions for lovers & lovers-to-be By: Eve Eschner Hogan, M.A. 

I know it sounds like an inappropriate book but for me I purchased it more to learn about myself. It isn't a book about sex, it's a book about discovering your compatibility with people. Not just lovers, husbands but with people in general. It helped me really realize things about myself that are very important in relationships. 

I hope this helps you and I hope you aren't offended by my book suggestion. If I have, I truly apologize. 


why not, life is short, enjoy it

Isnt it better to love and (Maybe) lose than to never love at all? Also...wouldnt it be worth it for your kids sake for them to have their dad around.


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