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Recently I got in contact with the father of my children. We were high school sweethearts,but he married someone else, is now divorced like me.Just met our kids and claims to love me again. I know I still care also. Should I take a chance on him? He does have God in his life also.

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hmm... what do you have to lose?

I would say consider the worst realisic scenario, consider the best case, and then follow your intuition.

I don't think you'd be posing the question here if you didn't want to go for it. So, if the worst case scenario is acceptable, I would say go for it.

I personally would rather make a mistake than regret never trying.

That's just my opinion, hope it helps, and I hope you get some other good advice from the others here too.

All the best to you Kelly,

Dan O'
Thanks for the advice, Dan! I just don't want to get hurt again. But I do love him. Thanks again!!
u bet Kelly, good luck with everything :)
I think you already know the answer, Kelly. Your heart is telling you what to do.....listen to it.
I agree with Toni, and here's a video that might help you with this decision too :)

So if you want to share, what's the latest Kelly?  Don't mean to pry, just curious.  Hope you're doing well, all the best to ya :)

First of all if U are in God's hand just ask him first. Then if both of U are alone and need to have relation I will be good to be with again. Why not??????????

Yes for u and your kids . It's so important to give your self that chance not to him 

you really dont have to  ask for advise. you should  do what your heart tells you to do.Our heart some how knows the right path.


Details are important in any case, but what really matters is how healthy the relationship is for all involved. so long as there is no abuse of any kind, I'd say go for it, esspecially if you love him and even more so where the kids are involved...

... people need their children, just as much as their children need them.

Sweetie, you have a second chance, this time your eyes are wide open.  And, people do change. 

As you wrote this post-i think- you already know what you want. maybe you just too afraid:) but remember you never be happy if you won't, at least, try.


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