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I feel totally wasted. I am just unable to do anything. I got done with my grads last year. I am caught in mental blockages i feel. My parents dont love each other , they care for me though. I constantly feel suicidal. What should I do?

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Talk to yourself positively every day. Even when you don't feel like it- (fake it until you can make it?)  at the end of the day, list the good things you are thankful for.  So- today's thought, for starters:  Your parents love you very much.  Hang in there-  You can do this- just take it a day at a time.


Ananya, I would recommend you find someone who has experience helping people with suicidal thoughts.  Maybe a doctor or the hospital?  I think it's important to find someone qualified to help you feel better.    

I do agree with Marie, that focusing on what you are thankful for can be very helpful.  

I wish you all the best.  Remember that others have dealt with this and have overcome it, you can too!

-Dan O' 

hmmm... I've felt that, all of it, so I can relate. Not gonna give you that story, what matters in my story though, is possibilities and where I am right now... how I relate this to this discussion is thus: There are downright horrible times in our lives, but nothing is permanent... unless you allow it to be. I look back on my own life and see the obstacles that I cleared to get where I am, and honestly, I would have never dreamed I would be where I am.

I used to feel constantly suicidal, pills where prescribed, I became vegetable. I wasn't just wasted, I was a waste. I'm not saying a doc can't help, because they do. I needed it at first, but it took me so long to realize that what I truly needed, was to seek possibilities to better myself and my quality of life. I suppose meds got me to where I could do so, but I could have saved a lot of time if this had been made clear to me.

When stopped on a path with unsatisfactory scenery, you may proceed along the path. Sometimes the scenery won't change much for a while, but as long as you're moving forward, it will eventually become vastly different. 

Sometimes, we don't feel able to do anything. Occasionally, this is okay. Often the best thing a person can do for themselves and those around them is get some rest. Life will beat us down (to me, the best part of that is giving life the finger with a smile, saying, "You can't defeat me. I'm still standing."), and it can be extremely exhausting, taking from us physically, mentally, and spiritually. We usually come out stronger once we understand what we've been through.

Mental blockage, I've found, is strangely simple: Change something (one thing at a time, of course). The small and frequent adjustment to routine will stimulate creativity so subtly, you won't notice, but it works.

The parents are a little tougher to cope with. I'll give you a brutal answer, followed by an explanation: It's YOUR life, your capability has very little to do with how your parents feel for each other. I'm not sure if they still live together or not, but either of those can be awful to deal with. Your parents, too, have their own lives and choices to make. So long as they both care for you and don't inhibit you in your pursuits, how they feel about each other may be sad, but that's their issue to deal with. Their feelings should have almost nothing to do with how capable you are and can potentially be (I can't stress that idea enough).

All in all, if these things are so daunting that they immobilize you, I'm with Dan... see a doctor. But if you are simply displeased with the moment, know that it will pass... the future is ever expanding.

If you'd like to message me to share details of  your situation or mine, feel free. I'm willing to share, but posting details of my life could be a real downer for the reader. Maybe someday I'll get into those details on this sight, but for now, I offer only to you because I believe it could help you... who knows? Maybe it wouldn't, it's up to you to decide weather or not it's worth risking your time.

I hope this helps, and I hope you will look forward and see that the road leads to a better scene...

Above all, I hope you find your way out of these hardships.


Your haft to talk to someone sweetie!

Someone who can get you to understand your feelings and help you to put som words on them. Understanding in all aspects of life helps, believe me.



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