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All Ive ever wanted was to be happy ,lately thats not so easy , I have so much on my plate I feel like I can't handle it , I really just want to be happy ,be positive ,and in the process better my life . 

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Hi Michelle.  I'd consider eliminating unnecessary tasks and obligations.  Often much of what we do is really not vital in our life.  If being happy is your #1 priority in your mind, you may need to examine what you are actually prioritizing in your day to day life?  

I've had to do this myself, as I had a tendency to take on too much.  

That's just my two cents, all the best to you Michelle :)

Hey Michelle. I must admit, I often feel like you do, more often than not honestly. In my life, I try to embrace it all, the good and the bad (which can be easily shifted with a slight change of perspective, either way). It's not always easy, but seeing goodness in drudgery has been one of the most helpful things in my life. In a lot of cases, having a lot on your plate is okay, so long as you are willing to take it on. There are probably details that would help us give better advice, but I'll leave you with a couple quotes...

"One's willingness to do far outweighs one's ability to do." -(not sure who said that)

"Not forever can one enjoy stillness and peace. But misfortune and destruction are not final. When the grass has been burnt by the fire of the steppe, it will grow anew in summer." -wisdom from the Mongolian Steppe


I know the feeling, I do so well for so long and at the slightest upset I just want to give up. So much advice from people who do care but it's not what I want or need. To idealistic and I care too much, I'm just tired at wanting people to understand me and how I need to be cared for, instead of me always caring about others too much.

I just shared a post on my facebook page that is perfect for said "laugh for no reason".  You should try will probably end up laughing at yourself!  That will get those endorphins moving in the right direction :)

My therapist also gave me two good phrases to ask myself on a regular basis: 

What's the big freakin deal??

Just enjoy the moment!!! is so true...each second, is a new second..

So true all these u mention,thanks about each second a new one,may I add, this second is endowed upon me in a virgin condition free from worries If.I as the sole custodian of this moment do not choose to keep it that way for my sake only I should deserve hell

I get like this too sometimes!  Try to change your mood by changing your location for a lil while!

Hi Michelle, true it works. My mantra is a self-truth with me that nothing in life can disturb me. I have been using this it works very fast. It is getting stronger as I used to share this very often.sharing itself giving, more of it cant reduce our fullness.Glad sharing in this group 'Being Happy'.

I can really relate to this, I am having a hard time myself.  No job for 4 years and went to school and just graduated.  Got a job right away and a week after I started they said that they didn't think it was working out.  My self confidence is at an all time low right now.  I say all the time that all I want is to be happy, but you just need to keep going on.  If there wasn't so much on your plate you wouldn't gain the strength to deal with it.  You will be a stronger person and when the time is right, everything will come together.  Try to stay positive no matter what, you are alive.  That is hard for me to see that too sometimes.  Hugs to you!!

Hi Cheryl, glad you are able to relate, resulting in your becoming a strong minded,I am sure. You need to continue relating and soon you will discover your true self is a hard nut to crack,it is unfazed whatever be the situation.My believe that situation wants to make you a much stronger in mind power to convince you that you are the creator of your destiny.You are prably wanted to play a bigger role, so carry on smilling.Please read my discussions in Fab,Fit and Happy here in PA.

I read a post somewhere that simply said, "If you want to be happy, nothing can stop you". I took that as food for thought. And it has been working for me .. slowly but working.  Hoping that somehow you find peace and happiness.

I would like ti share a book I just finished reading. It was very helpful to me. I hope you read it. I have it on my Kindle and would love to share it. But, I don't know how! The book is, BORN TO BE HAPPY-HOW TO UNCOVER YOUR NATURAL STATE OF HAPPINESS" by: Alex P. Keats. I saw so many of the things I have been struggling with, that weren't even my fault. Out of all the books that I have read or had recommended to me, this is one of the best! Let me know what you think!

Greetings Michelle, sounds like you need to get rid of the "plate" and downsize to a saucer. You can't do it all, even though you may think you can, at least not all at one time. We are "superwomen" but even superwomen take it one day at a time. Start with the items you can do without, then work your way to what matters most. Also, get rid of the negativity in your life even if it means the people who you think are closest to you, sometimes they are not. Make sure your environment is condusive, get rid of the clutter in your household and your mind, start fresh. A positive attitude is not only condusive to your mind, body and soul, but for your overall health and well being. I surround myself with positive energy, meaning the only people I allow in my life are those who make a tremendous difference and who have nothing but positive energy flowing. Also, keeping a smile on my face, a song in my heart and being grateful, counting my blessings and having faith helps obtain a positive lifestyle. Get that confidence back Michelle while you're at it and become the strong woman you are meant to be! Enjoy the process, love yourself and stand tall. You are every woman!


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